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Guitarra electroacústica para zurdos | Código del producto:

569,00 €

Precio incluido IVA 21%

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Entrega prevista el 13.5.2021

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Born from a long lineage of stringed instruments, the acoustic guitar is steeped in tradition. But music continues to evolve, and musicians demand inspiring new tools with which to carve out their own signature sound. In that spirit, we introduce Ibanez AE, our new flagship series of acoustic-electric guitars. Offering supreme tone and playability, Ibanez AE is the next step in a great tradition.

Standard X-M Bracing

Spending a few years with trial and error, Ibanez finally reached to out-of-the-box X-M Bracing to generate the ultimate sound standing out on the stage. The carefully designed scalloped X-bracing, the allocation of tone braces and finger braces transmit the string vibration efficiently through the bridge to the body. The X-M Bracing creates the clear bottom and crispy treble sound with trimmed warm mid-range, yet providing wide dynamic range and highly response.

AE body shape

Designed for projection, balance, and comfort, the AE's perfectly crafted contemporary body shape offers the best of all worlds.

Ibanez AP11 Magnetic Pickup

The newly designed AP11 pickup is small, lightweight, and positioned so it won’t inhibit the natural vibrations of the top wood. The pickup generates a highly responsive sound with minimal feedback and delivers a lively response throughout the entire frequency range. The sound is transparent and reflects the guitar’s natural acoustic tone while preserving presence and mid-range. The AP11 also works well with effects such as reverb, chorus, and many others.

Ibanez Custom Electronics w/ Volume and Tone Control

The guitar also features on-board treble and bass controls for contouring the tone, making the AE suitable for variety of applications for modern players.

Scalloped Bridge

The light-weight Scalloped Bridge helps improving the vibration efficiency of the top board for better resonance, as well as giving more flexible string action adjustment.

Comfort Grip w/Rounded Fingerboard Edge

In order to achieve supreme playability, the neck was specially designed with Thin-C shape style comfort grip with fingerboard's rounded edge.

Ibanez Advantage bridge pins

These pins really are an advantage over old-fashioned pins. Advantage pins are easier to take out and easier to put in than standard pins. A special bulb-shaped end makes the pin easy to grip and also prevents the pin from being pushed in too far. Best of all, with Advantage the pin and string stay put.


  • Color del producto: Natural Low Gloss
  • Color: Natural
  • Tratamiento de la superficie: Satén
  • Tipo: AE
  • Cutaway: Sí
  • Construcción del cuerpo: Semimacizo
  • Superior/Frontal: Ocume macizo
  • Placa posterior: Ocume
  • Laterales/estrías: Ocume
  • Mástil: Nyatoh
  • Escala: 651 mm
  • Número de trastes: 20
  • Anchura de la cejuela: 44 mm
  • Diapasón: Katalox
  • Puente: Katalox
  • Cejuela: Hueso
  • Pastilla: Sí
  • Tipo de pastilla: Magnetic
  • Electrónica del modelo: Ibanez Custom
  • Controles: Volume, Tone
  • Afinador integrado: No
  • Clavijas de afinación: Ibanez
  • Equipos de soporte: Cromo
  • Estuche rígido: No
  • Estuche: No
  • Cuerdas: D'Addario XTAPB1152
  • País de origen: China
  • Vhodné pro úroveň: Intermedio medio
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